How to Select the Best CART Captioning Scheduling Software for Your Business

Ūsked is more than scheduling software.

Don’t think of it as a scheduling software, think of it as a service business platform.

Scheduling with Ūsked software

Daily Scheduling

Invoicing with Ūsked software

Bill + Pay invoicing

Compliance with Ūsked software

compliance + documentation

Screening with Ūsked software

Screening + skill assessment

Reports with Ūsked software

kpi + reporting

Integrations with Ūsked software


Find a system that allows you to automate as many of these functions as possible.

Automation lets you focus on serving people well

Ease of use for CART Captioners and Customers. 

A good service business platform can serve as a recruitment and retention tool for CART captioners. It should make it easy for them to grab work and submit their assignments to be paid, and they will check with you first to fill their available time.

It is also important for it to work well on mobile devices, even when working from home, people use their phones when they think to look for work or submit jobs to be invoiced.

It is ideal to have customers making their requests directly in your system. 

Add requests directly on the app with Ūsked

reduce overhead BY HAVING schedulers feed the jobs

Less margin of error with Ūsked software

1 less step = 1 less chance of a feeding error

Cancel requests directly on the app with Ūsked

They can cancel jobs directly too

Reduce overhead • Reduce errors • Simplify functionality

They can look at their usage data, ideal for program managers.
Customer support is important.

If the knowledge base is not enough, is there someone you can talk to?


 The ideal candidate to handle the onboarding is a person who understands how your business runs and can direct ūsked to set things up correctly the first time.

Your business has a lot of data; CART Captioners, Customers, Clients, Assignments, bill rates, pay rates, etc. There is no easy way around, its best to go straight through it. People often make the mistake of trying to hire someone new to help with the transition process.


Avoid charging by user with Ūsked

avoid systems that charge by user

The nature of CART captioning is that there are many people involved in the process. The ability to have everyone in the same place (one system) is paramount. If you have to pay for a subscription for each of your CART captioners this becomes cost preventative.

Charge by the hour with Ūsked

Consider charging by the hour

If your average length of request is short then a pricing model that charges by the service hour might be beneficial to you.

Serve people well with the Ūsked platform

Try to lock in a multi year contract

  • It is to your benefit to lock in a price for 2-3 years to make the transition worth your time. You don’t want to do the work to transition then get stuck with a much higher bill after just one year. 


  • Find out what the SaaS companies goals are over the life of your contract. Do you think it aligns with what you want to see?  They should be able to tell you what their plan is for the next 1 year of development.  

ūsked was built to juggle quality screening, scheduling, services, and reporting. Any organization that has people serving people can appreciate the complexity and value of good services.

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