Frequently Asked Questions​

Absolutely.  ūsked allows you to assign multiple interpreters and multiple services on a job.

Yes you can, it’s a great feature.

ūsked generates a .CSV file that can be imported into Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop, saving a lot of time for Billing departments on  AR/AP.

Rated the number one app for interpreters, the ūsked app is very user-friendly and works with both ios and android smartphones.

You can follow the link for ios or Android to download.

ūsked generates accurate and time-saving reports that can import into most accounting platforms.  ūsked does not currently manage your billing or payment processes.

Users within ūsked can change their time zones, currently, all global time zones are listed.

You can absolutely send automatic confirmations and custom communication to confirm, adjust or inform your interpreters and customers.

Through the ūsked app, interpreters can notify you that job has gone over or it requires an adjustment.

There is no limit with in ūsked!

As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can long into ūsked.

Yes there are.  Please see this page for more information.

There are no limits. We want to help you scale your business.

Accordion ContentWe want to get you up and running as soon as possible.  In our experience, it can take between 30-45 days from signing up.

Yes you can.  Our support center has a new features request submission portal.  We love hearing from our customers!

ūsked has the best support team in the industry.  Our staff is experienced in your day-to-day processes and is available to help add solutions to you.  Our Customer Success Team is one of the best aspects of ūsked.